2023 Membership

Call Name City State Email
WB9Z Rosalius, Jerry Crescent City IL jerry (at) daca.net
W9IE Buser, Ken Kankakee IL kenbuser (at) gmail.com
N9FD Cahan, Craig Manteno IL ccahan2002 (at) yahoo.com
N9BMB  Dau, Andrew Bonfield IL andrewwdau (at) gmail.com
N9OE Dau, Bill Bonfield IL n9oe (at) outlook.com
N9DLD Dau, Diane Bonfield IL hartlys (at) gmail.com
NN9T Haas, Bob Bradley IL nn9t (at) hotmail.com
KD9NPQ Hanners, Brian Bourbonnais IL brianhanners81 (at) gmail.com
WR9L Hart, Greg Bradley IL ghart (at) daca.net
K9QT Kerouac, Billie Kankakee IL billie.k9qt (at) gmail.com
K9NR Kerouac, Don Kankakee IL don.k9nr (at) gmail.com
N9DWE Krueger, John Monee IL johnk17856 (at) aol.com
KC9GCQ Krueger, Justin Manhattan IL  
KD9WJH Lindeman, Don Kankakee IL don157 (at) comcast.net
N9IOQ Melhorn, Cindy Bonfield IL n9io (at) arrl.net
N9IO Melhorn, Clay Bonfield IL n9io (at) arrl.net
KC9OAK Mills, Joseph Monee IL jmills5704 (at) ameritech.net
W9VEC Cimino, Vincent Oak Forest IL v.cimino (at) comcast.net
N9CIW White, Colin Bourbonnais IL eplfan2011 (at) gmail.com
K9ABN Gilvin, Scott Bourbonnais IL scottjgilvin (at) gmail.com
KC9HDF Wilcheski, Tony Bourbonnais IL awilcheski (at) gmail.com
KD9FVM Marcotte, Joseph Bourbonnais IL jrmarcotte61 (at) gmail.com
WB9RUE Monty, Dale Bourbonnais IL dmonty34 (at) gmail.com
K9CS Schroeder, Carl Watseka IL kn2qzr (at) gmail.com

Benbow-Reis, Kathy New Lenox IL tutoredturtle (at) yahoo.com
K9XI Reis III, Arthur New Lenox IL k9xi (at) reagan.com
K9MY Ruff, Scott Wilmington IL Scottruff9899 (at) comcast.net
KD9VIR Ruff, Rochelle Wilmington IL rojo4 (at) yahoo.com
NI9H Nikolic, Peter Jr. Momence IL pnikolic (at) sbcglobal.net
K9UNO Pena Jr., Rodney Manteno
W9IOU Pena, Crystal Manteno
IL cepena1346 (at) hotmail.com
K9KSG Williams, Junior Bourbonnais IL vwjw (at) aol.com
KD9CFV Williams, Velma Bourbonnais IL vwjw (at) aol.com
KD9SKO Ramsey, Jimmie Chebanse IL jimmiedramsey (at) gmail.com
WU9D Rohwedder, Michael Sauk Village IL mike (at) wu9d.com
K9XM Dalcanton, Frank Bourbonnais IL etd90 (at) daca.net
KC9VDI Wheeler, Jamison Manteno IL jpaswlq (at) yahoo.co.uk

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