KARS - Kankakee Area Radio Society, Inc.
2018 Dues (Jan 1 - Dec 31) - (July 1 - Dec 31 prorated at 1/2 off "for first time applicants only")
  2017 was a great year for the KARS.  Field Day, KARSFEST, all three repeaters have been replaced with new Kenwoods.  2 wide area APRS digis, DX Cluster, the w9az.com web site, great programs, transmitter hunts, social events, etc., etc.  Whether you are or are not already familiar with all KARS brings to area hams, welcome. We think you will be happy you got involved.  If you have been away from club activities or other things in life have distracted you from amateur radio, now is the time to renew your interest in the hobby and renew your KARS membership.  There has never been a better time to be a radio ham than today!  Help us continue in this tradition of technical innovation with your support by joining KARS today.  KARS Meetings are held the First Tuesday of every month at 7:00pm.  Currently held at "St Mary's Hospital in Kankakee, IL.  Come to the next KARS meeting and see what the excitement is all about.  73
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REPEATER SUPPORTER: Is only available to those not living in the Kankakee Area,
unable to participate in KARS functions due to living out of area.  Does not include voting privileges.
May apply for "Full Membership" at one half the normal rate.  Includes voting privileges.
FAMILY MEMBERSHIP: Includes spouse and dependent children living at home.  Includes voting privileges.
Note: Voting members MUST be licensed hams, according to KARS by-laws.
Terms of application for membership: By submitting this application and being invoiced for payment you
(and all other members under family membership) agree:
1)  To operate the KARS repeater(s) in a courteous manner and in compliance with the FCC regulations;
2)  To not release to any other person(s) any autopatch codes that may be entrusted to you;
3) To abide by any and all rules that now exist or may be instituted by KARS; and
4)  To hold KARS and all KARS members harmless for any injury to person or property, regardless of cause.
Instructions:  Print this completed form,
enclose check or money order payable to "KARS",sign, mail to:
Or, bring it with you to the next meeting.
Kankakee Area Radio Society, Inc.
c/o  W9IOU
Crystal Pena
1362 Trotters Turn
Bourbonnais, IL 60914
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