ARC FAQ’s  AR-Cluster User Manual



Q: Can I put a test spot into the system without it being echoed to other users and nodes?

A: Yes, just spot the callsign TE1ST and it will not be propagated throughout the network.


Q: How can I execute a specific set of commands when logging into the cluster?

A: You need to set up a USER/PROFILE.  The USER/PROFILE commands will be executed upon each login.


Q: How can I limit the coverage of spots being sent to my station?

A: See the Filter section for details on setting user filters.


Q:  Do the commands have to be in the same case as listed in the manual?

A:  No, they can be in upper or lower case.


Q:  When using DX-Telnet with AR-Cluster, Announcements do not show up in the DX-Telnet Announcements Window?

A:  The DX-Telnet program needs a Beep character at the end of each line.  Do a Set/Beep on the node and DX-Telnet will work.

Q:  How can I filter DX spots with obvious typos like 280005.5?

A:  You can apply a Band-Mode filter for each ham band that you would like to see spots on.  However, be careful as this might keep you from interesting DX or SWL information.  For example what if that P5 that you needed was spotted on 280005.5.  The typo would not stop most hams from the chase.  Another example was that a few years ago, Air-Force One was spotted just below the 40 meter ham band.  I tuned down and heard some very interesting phone patches.  It seems that the high dollar military satellite phone system was down and they had resorted to using their HF backup. 

Q:  When I use the telnet client on my machine and telnet into my local DX-Cluster I cannot see any of the information that I type?

A: If your telnet client supports local echo, turn it on.  If it does not, there are several free telnet programs available off the Internet.  If you are running a windows operating system you can use the built in HyperTerminal program.  Start it by doing Start>Programs>Accessories>Communications>HyperTerm.  Enter a name for the connection (like AB5K Cluster), select connect using Tcpip(Winsock), Enter the host address or domain name for the telnet connection ( and press the OK button.  Sign into the cluster using your call.  To activate the local echo do a File>Properties>Settings>ASCII Setup and check the box Echo typed characters locally.  When you exit if you save your session, you will see an icon (AB5K Cluster) that you can run the next time for a quick access with the local echo parameter and telnet connection already setup.