Personalization  AR-Cluster User Manual

Your connection into the cluster can be personalized to your particular operating needs.


Login profiles

During login you may want the cluster to execute a series of commands.  Rather than type these commands after each login, you can build a LOGIN/PROFILE.   The LOGIN PROFILE commands are sent to the node that you check into using cluster mail.  The user creates an cluster mail message addressed to the node (or nodes) he connects to with a subject of "LOGIN/PROFILE" and a body containing the list of commands.  Upon receipt of the mail, the AR-Cluster node saves the commands for later execution.   AR-Cluster will echo back the text "LOGIN/PROFILE updated".


Sending an empty LOGIN/PROFILE mail message will any clear previous LOGIN PROFILE commands.  AR-Cluster will echo back the text "LOGIN/PROFILE cleared".

For RF connections, we recommend keeping your LOGIN/PROFILE file short.  Configuring a LOGIN/PROFILE that results in transferring a lot of traffic on a marginal RF connection may cause timeouts and traffic congestion.  Keep your LOGIN/PROFILE short so it produces a max of 20 lines from the cluster.





Certain commands are stored on the node between logins.  Thus LOGIN/PROFILE commands should not contain any of the following commands: Filters, set/beep, set/name, set/location, set/homenode, set/latlon, set/email, and enable commands for DX, ANN, TALK, and WX. 


The SET/HERE command can be used to indication to other users when you are away from your station.  Being AWAY  sets a set of prentices around your call in the commands that show you connected into the network (SHOW/USER, etc).





The SET/BEEP command can be used to control whether the bell character is send to you on each transmission.





The SET/LOGIN_ANN command can be used to control whether you receive announcements of other users logging into the system.  The sysop has a master override for this command so it may be permanently disabled.





Command Macros

AR-Cluster also includes macro command capability.  The 0 thru 9 keys can be custom configured by the user as a macro.  Macros are defined shortcuts that are expanded in the command engine.  If the first character of a command is a 0 thru 9, the character is replaced with its user defined macro definition.  Macros are programmed using the SET/MACRO n=MESSAGE command where n is the macro key number (0 thru 9) and MESSAGE is the message stored in the macro.  The SHOW/MACRO command displays user-defined macros. 


set/macro 1=sh/dx

set/macro 2=sh/wwv




User Settings

The Show/SEttings command can be used to display summary information for the users settings.




    Current switch settings for XE2KK:

        DX Spots - Active

        DX Bottom of Band Spots - Active

        DX Spotter QTH - Active

        DX Spot CTY - Active

        WWV Spots - Active

        Announcements -Active

        WX Announcements - Active

        TALK -Active

        Beep/Bell - In-Active

        Login -Active