KARS Foxhunt Photos - August 30, 2008

Can you find the sly old fox?Foxhunting Across Kankakee County With KARS!!!

W9IEY takes KARS fox hunters to the river's edge in Momence
By Clay Melhorn, N9IO
It was a beautiful day for a fox hunt in Kankakee County.
Paul, W9IEY and xyl Terry found an excellent "RF Nightmare" of a hiding spot on the river at Island Park in Momence Illinois sending five hunt teams to the eastern edge of the county.

Densely populated with a relatively hidden entrance, this spot was well thought out by our sly foxes. Paul and Terry have been riding along with Billie, K9QT on hunts for a few years now and have apparently been thinking about this for some time. Paul says they have a couple more "great spots" in mind and have subsequently volunteered their services again for some more hunts.

This skirmish was a challenge for even the seasoned hunter.
All of our teams found themselves north of the Island park. It was too late of course by the time we got in the clear enough to get an accurate last reading leading to the end. How soon the correction was made determined how everyone placed.

I must admit however, we might not have finished 2nd had it not been for our fox hunt schnauzer hound mascot Suzy. As we started to go down the road north of the park Cindy said that Suzy needed to be walked. Not a problem since we now hunt under mileage rules. While walking Suzy, I saw K9NR and K9QT coming back from the road I intended to try next. So we decided "No way we were going down there, we're going back the other way" he, he, he. The only reason Suzy was with us on a fox hunt was that our groomer took longer than anticipated. So hats off to our groomer.

Kudos to Paul and Terry, this was indeed a "great spot". Our hunters very much appreciate the challenge.

The prevailing hunt team taking 1st place with 1/10th of a mile to spare was Crystal, W9IOU and Rodney, K9UNO. The duo are doing very well this year showing the old timers how it's done at every opportunity.

Along with all of the hunters in this group we would like to recognize
Tri-Town Radio Club President Jim NV9X for coming down to hunt with us.
Jim is a former KARS member and our neighbor more than 20 years ago.

Thanks to everyone that come out and participate in our events.
Can't wait for the next hunt which will be held in two weeks on
Saturday September 13th at 1PM.

Foxhunt Results
#1 - W9IOU, Crystal / K9UNO, Rodney - 13.9 miles
#2 - N9IO, Clay / N9IOQ, Cindy - 14.0 miles
#3 - K9NR, Don / K9QT, Billie - 14.4 miles
#4 - N9OE, Bill - 17.9 miles
#5 - NV9X, Jim - 21.5 miles

Fox - W9IEY, Paul / xyl Terry

Don K9NR and Jim NV9X
Rodney K9UNO, Crystal W9IOU, Cindy N9IOQ, Suzy-Q and Clay N9IO

Thios is Paul W9IEY The Fox
Paul W9IEY and xyl Terry
1st Place Winners Crystal W9IOU and Rodney K9UNO
Terry, Don K9NR and Clay N9IO
Bill N9OE
The IO Clan Secret Weapon Suzy-Q

Thank you to everyone
that come to our hunts!!!

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We are already looking
forward to the next hunt...

Area hams, you're invited to come
join in on the fun and excitement!

Other clubs in the area are also
encouraged to join us.
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