WWV  AR-Cluster User Manual

When connected into a DX cluster you will receive WWV spots in real time.  You can also query the database for past WWV spot information.  As a user, you can also input WWV spots into the network.  The hour of each WWV spot is aligned with the publication times of: 00, 03, 06, 09, 12, 15, 18, or 21.  The scales used in WWV forecasts can be found at http://www.sec.noaa.gov/NOAAscales/index.html.

Real-Time WWV Spots

As soon as you connect into a DX Cluster you will automatically start receiving WWV spots as they are posted into the network. 


The display of real-time WWV spots can be controlled with the following commands.





WWV Spots Queries

The SHOW/WWV command is used to query the database for past WWV spots. You can get the last five WWV spots postings as follows.



If more than the default five WWV spots are desired, an optional number can be added at the end of the command.



Spotting WWV

To post a WWV spot, enter the details in the following syntax where “nn” are numbers.

wwv sf=nn,a=nn,k=nn,comment


wwv sf=174,a=2,k=3,very low;gf quiet


Solar Monitor

Several of the AR-Cluster nodes also participate in a special version of Solar Announcements from the Solar Monitor.  Contact you sysop for details.   Thanks go to K1TTT for providing the Solar Monitor spots on the AR-Cluster backbone.

Regular WWV announcements show up with expanded text as:


To SOLAR de SolarMonitor <0303Z> :  WWV @ 0302Z :    SFI =  177  A =  5  K =  1 

To SOLAR de SolarMonitor <0303Z> :  Last 24 Hours:  Solar activity was low.  The geomagnetic field was quiet to unsettled.

To SOLAR de SolarMonitor <0303Z> :  Next 24 Hours:  Solar activity will be low.  The geomagnetic field will be quiet to unsettled.


Special announcements also appear as:


To SOLAR de SolarMonitor <2205Z> :  ALERT  M-Class flare in progress, current magnitude = M1.0