Talk  AR-Cluster User Manual

Talk Command

Talk mode is used to send comments to a specific user connected in the network.  Talk messages can be send as one-liners.


talk k5xh hello mark         

talk k5as are you around?         



You can also enter into a dedicated talk session with another user by leaving the message line blank.  In this mode everything you type from the keyboard will be sent to the user.  You can exit the dedicated talk mode by entering a “/EXIT” or “ctrl-Z” command.  


talk k5xh        

congratulations on working the kh5        

see you later, 73        



While in the dedicated talk mode you will still receive DX and other cluster information.  You can also execute a DX spot if the command is preceded by a “*” character.


*dx kh5k 14025.0 listing up


You can use the TALK/TIMESTAMP command to send a talk message with the current date and time.


talk/timestamp n3bb are you there jim?


You can show past talk messages to your station with the SHOW/TALK command.  The default number in the display is set by your sysop.  You can increase the number of messages displayed using a optional number at the end of the command.






You can also enable and disable the talk messages sent to your station.





Talk Routing

In most cases, talk messages are automatically routed through to the station via the network and no special routing is required.  In certain networks, users connections are not reported.  In these situations the routing of the talk message can be done if the destination user has a HOMENODE published to the network databases with the SET/HOMENODE command.  If the users call is not reported as being connected but his registered homenode is connected in the network, the talk message will be routed and the following message generated:

CALL not visible, directing talk to home node


If the user has a HOMENODE listed but the homenode is not connected in the network the talk message will not be routed and the following message will be displayed:

Sorry CALL and his home node, are not connected


If the user is not connected and he also does not have a homenode registered in the database, the talk message will not be routed and the following message will be generated:

Sorry CALL not connected and has no home node listed. Talk aborted


A special flag character “>”can be used in the one-liner talk message to direct the talk to a specific node.  The “>” character directs the talk command to a specific node, which is responsible for routing it to the correct station.  The syntax of the message is:  TALK CALL  >VIA-NODE  MESSAGE


talk k5xh  >k5hog  u there mark?