Mail  AR-Cluster User Manual

You can send and receive both personal mail and mail bulletins while connected to the cluster.   Bulletin mail is mail addressed to ALL, FORSALE, WANTED, UK, or HELP.  You will be informed as new mail arrives for you while you are logged in the cluster.


When you log into the node, you will receive an announcement for personal mail displaying the station that sent the mail and the number of messages.  A mail summary will also display showing the total personal and bulleting mail.


You have new mail from K5AB (3ea)

You have new mail from K5NA (1ea)

New Mail:  Personal = 4   Bulletin = 0

Listing Mail

The DIRECTORY command lists the last five messages received by the node. As with other commands you can display more by specifying a number with the command.  Messages which have been read are indicated by a hyphen (-) next to the message number.  A private message is indicated by a "p".




If you want to just see new mail use the NEW option.




If you want to just see mail addressed to your callsign use the OWN option.




If you want to just see bulletin mail to you use the BULLETIN option.




If you want to list mail based on a subject use the SUBJECT option.


directory/subject meeting
dir/subject hamfest


Reading Mail

Reading a mail message is done with the READ command followed by the message number that you wish to read.  A READ command without a message number will read the last message to your station.  The LIST command can be used as an alias for the READ command.


read 231
r 231

Sending Mail

The SEND command is used to send a mail message to another station. The system will prompt you for the destination call and the subject.  Enter the message line by line.  The mail send process is terminated with either a ctrl/Z or /EXIT.  The /PRIVATE qualifier can be used to send a private message.  The /RR qualifier requests a return receipt, which forces a confirmation when the mail is read.  The /Copy is used to send a copy of a message to another station.  A mail message can be canceled with the Ctrl-Y or a /CAncel command.  The SP command is used as a shortcut for the SEND/PRIVATE command. 




A mail message addressed to ALL, FORSALE, WANTED or HELP becomes a bulletin mail and is sent to all nodes connected in the network.   A mail message addressed to “LOCAL” becomes a bulletin mail but stays on the node it’s entered on and is not sent through the system.


Replying to Mail

Use the REPLY command to reply to a mail message.  Command options are to request a return receipt, RR, and to delete the message you are replying to.


reply 12
r 12
reply/delete 12


Deleting Mail

The DELETE command is used to delete mail messages.  A Delete command without a message number will delete the last read message.  The KILL command can be used as an alias for the DELETE command. 


delete 12
del 12
delete 3,4,5
kill 12