DX CalculationsAR-Cluster User Manual

The following commands display useful information for working DX and contesting.



The SHOW/SUN command displays the sunrise and sunset for the specified country.If the exact country prefix is not known, enter a valid call for the country and the Cty prefix will be automatically determined.A SHOW/SUN without any callsign defaults to the sun data for the userís location.SH/SUN also works on US call areas of K0 through K9, resulting in the sunrise/sunset being shown for each state


show/sun v73c
show/sun k5
The SHOW/SUN command can also be used with an optional date parameter.


show/sun v73aq=3-15-2001 
show/sun =3-15-2001
show/sun k0=3-15-2001


The SHOW/MUF command displays maximum useable frequency (MUF) calculations for the country specified on the command. The origination point is your station if you have previously specified it with the SET/LOCATION command; otherwise, the latitude/ longitude of the node is used.You do not have to know the exact CTY prefix, just enter a call and AR-Cluster will calculate the country prefix.


show/muf v73c 


Maidenhead Grid

The SHOW/GRID command displays the MaidenHead Grid Locator for a specified station.


show/grid ka5eyh



The SHOW/TIME command displays the current time if no country is presented.If a country is included the local time in the country is displayed.†† Note:itís not possible to resolve the correct local time from all countries due to their size, i.e. US, VE etc.


show/time v73c