Connecting to a DX Cluster  AR-Cluster User Manual

There are several ways to connect into a cluster depending on its specific setup and configuration.   During your first login, you will be asked to enter and verify your Name, Location.   If your callsign is issued by the USA or Canada, AR-Cluster will automatically populate your name and location based on information from the AR-Technology callsign database.   You simplify have to verify the data and make changes as needed.

Packet Connections

The AX25 protocol, or packet communications, requires the use of a Terminal Node Controller, TNC.  The CONNECT command issued to your TNC will connect you into the cluster.  Configuration of the TNC involves setting up parameters for operation with packet.  Consult your TNC manual for details.  Make sure you have set up your callsign in the TNC.  To connect into your local cluster tune your radio to the cluster operating frequency and than issue the connect command to the cluster callsign.  Some nodes use a SSID on the end of their callsign as K5HOG-5.



connect K5NA
connect AB5K-2

Telnet Connections

On a machine connected to the Internet, simply start a Telnet client session and open a connection to the IP address of the Cluster you are connecting to. 




You will see a login message similar to:

*** Connected to: AB5K-1

Welcome to the AB5K-1 AR-Cluster node Telnet port!

Please enter your call:


Enter your callsign to complete the connection.


According to Fabrizio, IK4VYX, DX Telnet works with the AR-Cluster with the following DX Telnet script:

/T 5

/S !!!$$$$

/W de

/P de


Logging out is done by issuing either the BYE or QUIT command.  If connected by Telnet, you can exit your Telnet client and automatically be disconnected.  If connected using packet, you can also use the TNC Disconnect command.