DXpedition to the Spratly Islands 
Island of Layang Layang 
The Midwest Perspective by WB9Z 
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Dennis AF7Y, Luis XE1L, Dan NA7DB, Sally KM5EP, Jerry WB9Z Darryl AF7O, Mike N7MB
9M0M operators (L-R) Dennis AF7Y, Luis XE1L
Dan NA7DB, Sally KM5EP, Jerry WB9Z 
(Back Row) Darryl AF7O, Mike N7MB  

Thanks for reading this.
Special thanks goes to Mike N7MB for inviting me.

Also special thanks to Dan NA7DB for all his organizing and
again to Mike for getting the 9M0M license and other planning.

Also, special thanks to my lovely XYL Lori
for helping me with all our arrangements.
I would have never made it to KP2, VP5, VK6,
VK9X, VK9Y, 9M6 and 9M0 without her.

These 3 pages are photos taken by myself
or wife Lori while we were in Spratly.
These pages are written from my (WB9Z) perspective.
We hope you enjoy these pages and ask you to
please check out the official 9M0M web site
after you are finished here at the KARS web site.

73'  Jerry Rosalius WB9Z

The Lovely Ladies of 
Layang Layang  
Stella, Malvin, Janet, Sally and Lori     


(L-R) Stella  9M6JY 
Malvin  XE1L's wife  
 Janet  NA7DB's wife 
Sally  KM5EP (NA7DB's sister) 
Lori  WB9Z's wife  

The Antenna Farm 
Some of the 11 verticals installed at 9M0M  
Some of the 11 verticals installed at 9M0M
On 10, 15 and 20 meters there was a single parasitic element
installed with each driven element. The parasitic element could be
change from a reflector to a director by just walking out to the

antenna and changing the jumper near the base.  There were also
single band verticals for 12, 17, 40 and 80.  The 80 was also used
for 2 nights on 160 meters, with the help if a
inverted L wire and tuner by W8UVZ and W0CD.
The verticals were the only choice for antennas as we were very
limited on the weight of the freight we could take on the small plane.
The verticals worked amazingly well next to the salt water.
Thanks to Ken K2KW and Tom N6BT from FORCE 12
and Rich K7ZV for the use of their fine antennas.

More Antenna Farm 
and Wind Turbine  
17 meter vertical



17 meter vertical with a wind turbine and 
Malaysian naval vessel in the background.  

Since this is a disputed region of the world with 
7 countries staking claims to the Spratly Islands, 
the Malaysian military has a constant 
military presence on Layang Layang Island.

On more than one occasion on we were 
buzzed by low flying jets of the Malaysian Air Force. .

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It is a pleasure for us here at KARS
to bring to you these DXPedition Pages
by Jerry, WB9Z.

Jerry's love of travel,
DX and contest operating
is obvious by the effort he puts
into all of his many ventures!

We hope you will come meet Jerry
where he will be greeting patrons of
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