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1916 - 1922

M. L. Potter of Kankakee was
          on the air in 1921 as 9ABL. This photo from Feb 1922.
M. L. Potter, Jr. of Kankakee Illinois

was on the air in 1916 as 9ABL and in later years as W9FQU until his passing in 1961.

The page above is from Radio News, February 1922.
Submitted to us by his Son Marcus L. Potter III W9UZ now 88 and currently of Sarasota, FL. (2023)

In an email Marcus (Mark) writes "I have a Kenwood TS 480
and operate it remotely through a friend in West Chicago, IL.
I am 100% CW - almost always on 40.  I sure miss QSK, which you can't have through the internet."

This quote from the QRZ page of Mark W9UZ
"I picked up the hobby from my Dad, W9FQU. BSEE Purdue 1925 a true ham, built everything.
Being color blind made it a little rough!
FCC would not give me my Dad's call, so I went after the call of a friend of his,
whom I had met, W9UZ, Fred Schnell.
He was originally 1MO and was Traffic Manager at ARRL many years ago."

In a second email Mark writes  "I was very close to my Dad and his passing was awful for me.
He was a true electrical engineer.  Built most of his stuff.
When he became sick, he converted to KWM-2's.
One in the house and one in his new 1960 Olds 98. Also had a 30-S1 amp.
When he passed, I was pretty well off.  Oddly enough, he hated CW.
In the the 20's, he got a citation from an FCC monitoring station in Boise, ID,for key clicks."

Oct 10,1961 Obituary of M. L. Potter, Jr. 9ABL / W9FQU of Kankakee, IL
On the air since 1916
Source: Chicago Tribune

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